Grassroots Support Letter

Public Utility Commission of Texas
Central Records
1701 N Congress PO Box 13326
Austin, Texas 78711-3326

cc: Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

Honorable Commissioners Nelson, Anderson, and Marty,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of our support for the 9-12 Association?s Intervention on the project/docket numbers 41879, 41890, 41901, and 41906.

In addition, we also would like to express our support for the Appeal filed on behalf of John and Devvy Kidd, et al, of which the 9-12 Association is a party.

We have been closely watching the situation within the Public Utility Commission of Texas as it relates to the original tariffs approved by the PUCT concerning the full rollouts by the Transmission and Distribution Utilities within ERCOT area and we believe, as the 9-12 Association does that the PUCT did not follow the law as written by the 79th Texas Legislature.

We believe that the PUCT and the Transmission and Distribution Utilities ignored SECTION 6. Chapter 31, Utilities Code, Section 31.005, which states:

?Sec. 31.005. CUSTOMER-OPTION PROGRAMS. (a) This section applies to:

(1) a municipally owned electric utility;

(2) an electric cooperative;

(3) an electric utility;

(4) a power marketer;

(5) a retail electric provider; and

(6) a transmission and distribution utility.

(b) An entity to which this section applies shall consider

establishing customer-option programs that encourage the reduction

of air contaminant emissions, such as:

(1) an appliance retirement and recycling program;

(2) a solar water heating market transformation


(3) an air conditioning tune-up program;

(4) a program that allows the use of on-site energy

storage as an eligible efficiency measure in existing programs;

(5) a program that encourages the deployment of

advanced electricity meters;

(6) a program that encourages the installation of cool

roofing materials;

(7) a program that establishes lighting limits;

(8) a distributed energy generation technology

program; and

(9) a program that encourages the use of

high-efficiency building distribution transformers and variable

air volume fan controls.?

In addition, it appears that all electric entities within the state of Texas also ignored the rule as written.

Please document and record this full support of the efforts by the We The People Are The 9-12 Association, Inc. (aka The 9-12 Association) as it relates to Advanced Metering (aka Smart Meters) within the state of Texas.


Q Carbonero, Liaison, Rally Force (Plano, TX)
Michael McIver, Publisher, The Texas Conservative Digest
Ken Clark, Galveston County Commissioner (Algoa, TX 77511)
Liz Padgett, Founder, Lubbock Against Smart Meters (Lubbock,TX)
Justin Padgett, Founder, Resist 21 - Co-Founder/Blogger, Texans Against Smart Meters (Lubbock, TX)

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