Woman Upset Smart Meter Was Installed at Her Home

The smart meters are coming whether you want them or not. AEP is in the process of installing the wireless meters at homes throughout the Valley. Some people have complained the meters can cause health problems.

When we first did this story a few weeks back, we talked to a couple of ladies who had specifically told the power company they did not want the smart meters installed on their homes. AEP told us they would work with people who weren't interested. These ladies say when they were not looking, the meters were put in anyway.

Gail Moore says the smart meter is causing her to have migraines.

"Look at my face. Look at this eye. It is this side of my face. It is this ear that hurts, and it's the tingling in my right arm. Notice that I sleep on this side of the bed and four feet outside is where the smart meter is," says Moore.

The smart meters work by sending wireless electronic signals back to the power company. That's how they record the amount of power you use.

Moore keeps a natural lifestyle, growing her own vegetables. She says smart meter signals are dangerous.

"If I'm on my computer, I'm on my computer and then I turn it off. With the smart meters, you can't turn them off, the pulse 24-7," says Moore.

Moore says aluminum blocks some electronic signals.

"I've gone to Home Depot, and I've purchased aluminum sheets at 19.99 apiece. I had my son cut these for me and shove them as tightly as he can into the window," says Moore.

It's bad enough Moore said she clearly did not want a smart meter and now has one, but to add insult to injury, right next door they still have one of the old analog meters.

Moore has sent letters to the Public Utilities Commission as well as local, state and federal officials to complain. She says the whole matter is very upsetting.

"Yes, it is, and if you think I'm not ready to sue the AEP, I am. I am ready to sue them because this is an outrage," says Moore.

The state does not allow people to opt out or say no to the smart meters. The Public Utilities Commission has agreed to consider the matter.

A spokesman for AEP said he did not know Moore and the other lady who did not want the smart meters. Both got them installed.

Shortly after we left Friday afternoon, workers went out and switched both meters back to the old analog versions. The spokesman says that's temporary. He says AEP is moving ahead with the installation of the smart meters throughout the Valley.


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