GB Google Interview: Where was the ?CREEPY LINE??

Glenn Beck Google Interview:
Where was the question about the ?CREEPY LINE??

February 26, 2014???? by Nick Taormina

Monday night February 24, 2014 I watched Glenn Beck interview the two shills on from Google on his show.?? I can only assume that Glenn did not view the DVD Take Back you Power that I sent him several weeks ago.??? If he had he might have wanted to ask Eric Schmidt about Google and Schmidt?s comment about the future and placing an implant in your brain would be beyond the creepy line, ?at least for the moment, until the technology gets better? the actual comment can be viewed at approximately the 26:59 minute mark in to the DVD.? Don?t believe me?? Check it out yourself!?? If you haven?t taken the time to watch the DVD, I urge you to do so!? Unless you think watching the junk on TV is more important to you and your life.?

Also they claim that they have never done anything illegal then why have they been fined just for the hell of it??????

FCC biggest fine ever for tracking Safari users only $22.5 million chump change to them!
Oh yeah, in addition Spain fined them 900,000 euros and France fined them? 150,000 euros!

But, NO, they don?t do anything illegal; they are as clean as the newly driven snow.

If you would like to respond or disagree with me please feel free to do so.

Nick Taormina is the President of We The People Are The 9-12 Association, Inc., a 501 (c) 4 Organization.

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    When you descend into profanity and repetitive punctuation, it confirms for some who may be interested in what you have to say, that you are just another redundant radical.
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  •  Anonymous: 
    Eric Schmidt is a complete scumbag, and I had a leaked report from CFR where Jarod Cohen was bragging about Google products being able to spy on world leaders... from around 2008...
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