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Google and Nest?s Plan to Make Controlling Your Home as Easy as a Web Search By Marcus Wohlsen | 06.24.14 |
1514 days ago
Smart Meter Companies Admit: We?re Spying On You OffTheGridNews Written by: Tara Dodrill Privacy June 13, 2014
1514 days ago
U.S. utility's control system was hacked, says Homeland Security Reuters By Jim Finkle 3 hours ago May 20, 2014
1553 days ago
Posted on April 18, 2014 by SkyVision Solutions [Editor Note: This blog article consists of a document authored by Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D., intended as a letter addressed to a utility company considering the installation of smart meters.] NINE REASONS WHY TODAY?S SMART METER SYSTEMS ARE A MISTAKE by Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D. biochemist
1578 days ago
Posted: Mar 9, 2012 9:21 PM Updated: Mar 9, 2012 6:29 PM The smart meters are coming whether you want them or not. AEP is in the process of installing the wireless meters at homes throughout the Valley. Some people have complained the meters can cause health problems.
1625 days ago
Texas' Energy Market February 6, 2014 New regulatory proposals would only hurt Texas' energy market, says Robert Michaels, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute.
1656 days ago
Tulsa Beacon News Not So Smart ? PSO customers must accept smart meters November 21, 2013 AEP-PSO (Public Service Co. of Oklahoma) announced it will leave all Tulsa residential customers no choice but to switch to controversial smart meters by 2016.
1721 days ago
Texas Electricity Bailout October 31, 2013 | Blog,Featured | by Weston Hicks
1753 days ago
Fridges could be switched off without owner's consent to reduce strain on power stations By Melanie Hall 9:30AM BST 28 Apr 2013
1930 days ago
By Thelma Taormina 10-14-12 In January 2011, National Geographic published one segment in a series on the world's population by Robert Kunzig titled: Population 7 billion.
2135 days ago
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