Sample Comment # 1 [NHTSA] Proposed Rule REQUIRING V2V Devices on ALL Cars and Light Truck Vehicles

The idea of implementing this V2V technology and requiring this type of device on every car and light truck vehicles is very alarming.  It is time for the Federal Government to stop interfering in the lives of average Americans.

In my opinion, the V2V will be much more of a hazard to motorists and the general public than not having the device.  The use of this new technology will only prove to remove instinctive caution when operation a motor vehicle.  Too many people now rely on technology to tell them what to do and when that it is creating a situation where people no longer think for themselves, and they do not take precautions they ordinarily would if they did not rely on a device to tell them what to do.

If you are on the highway, you should be in control of your vehicle at all times.  A device acting on your behalf or instructing you what to do and when only adds another layer of instructions to follow.  The human mind is more than capable of determining the dangers on the highway and it should be left up to the human being to determine how to proceed on the road when handling a motor vehicle..

I urge the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to NOT create or implement this proposed rule/regulation to require vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication capability for light vehicles (passenger cars and light truck vehicles (LTVs).

Sample Comment # 2 [NHTSA] Proposed Rule REQUIRING V2V Devices on ALL Cars and Light Truck Vehicles

I am very concerned about the proposed rule to require the V2V Communication Devices in all cars and light weight trucks.  In your report I have noticed that you understand the importance of the public's acceptance of such technology and that you also understand that you must convince the general public that these devices are not intruding on their personal rights.  As with other new wireless technology, you are counting on convincing the general public that these devices are safe and that wireless technology is not a threat to their privacy, individual rights, and health.  You are also soliciting the motor vehicle industry to help you try to convince the American Public that the device is a benefit to society as a whole. 

We have seen this same tactic before with another wireless technology and the results were not and are not good surrounding that technology.  The devices and technology I am referring to are the smart meters, the smart grid, the internet portals created by the energy industry that have been hacked and are open to cyber attacks.  The V2V requirement will meet the same resistance as the smart meter/smart grid forced requirements have.

The American Public is no longer unaware of the intrusion into our private lives and the erosion of our individual rights.  We will insist that this type of regulation and control in our lives stops before it can be forced upon the general public "for our own good" since we have now learned that every regulation such as this one only serves to erode our God given rights and are leading our nation away from our Constitution and the protections it provides.

Sample Comment # 3 [NHTSA] Proposed Rule REQUIRING V2V Devices on ALL Cars and Light Truck Vehicles

I do not approve of this proposed rule that would require all cars and light trucks to have the V2V Communication Capability.  I have read the report and specifically page 133 regarding the acceptance of this rule and the device and noticed the statement that it is critical to convince the public that V2V is acceptable and not a threat to privacy.

"A critical part of any efforts to achieve consumer acceptance through public outreach
will be assuring consumers that V2V technologies do not pose a significant threat to privacy and have been designed to help protect against vehicle tracking by the government or others.  Additional privacy research and analysis (some of which will be folded into the agency’s planned security and privacy risk assessments) is expected to provide NHTSA and DOT with an even more substantial basis for making such public assurances than currently exists."

I want to strongly express that I will not accept this rule, and that until you can PROVE that this technology does not pose a threat to the health and welfare of the general public, I expect you to reconsider creating and/or implementing any rule requiring V2V Communications Capabilities in ANY Type of motor vehicle!

Your Right To Privacy Is At Stake!

What will it take for Texans to realize that their right to privacy is at stake?

We have been warning Texans for years about the threat that the Smart Grid and the Smart Meters (Advanced Meters) present to their freedom and their Constitutional Rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Why are Texans still not listening?

Is everyone so comfortable with what the Texas legislature and the various Texas agencies are doing that they actually believe that the bureaucracies have our individual rights protected?  We can attest to the fact that they do not!  While there are a few representatives and senators who are trying to help Texans protect their rights, there are so few of them that without the average Texan's help and input, they cannot push for our safety and protection.  Every Texan should be EXTREMELY concerned!

We know that discussing or learning about how the Public Utility Commission of Texas works is pretty boring, but it is of utmost importance that every Texan understands what is at stake.  While most people cannot fathom a possibility of any risks to the public's health from the meters, there is proof that the adverse health effects are real and that many Texans are suffering from those effects!  If you cannot wrap your head around the health issues, there is overwhelming proof that the smart meters are invading your privacy!  Even the Energy Industry is now admitting that our privacy is being invaded and they are telling us that their ability to turn our appliances on and off is happening all the time.  They also admit that hackers can and do hack into our computers via appliances like refrigerators.

Our technology is changing at such a rapid pace that the average consumer cannot keep up with how the new technology infiltrates our homes, our jobs, our towns and cities, and our entire lives.  The time is now for every Texan to stand together against the infringement upon our privacy rights!  Texas is the key to undoing the damage that our current administration has done to the entire country!  Our stand here will affect every American!

Won't YOU join with us in this fight to save our freedom?

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Where IS everybody? Are they content to hear opinions from the mainstream "news," or Glen Beck's boys' latest formation? To whom are they listening?  Will they stand, and for what? While those in power wait on old whitey to die off, who will awaken the you
21agendorspec · 308 days ago

King Street Patriots and the Immigration Issue.   In the Greater Houston Area, we have several reputable activists fighting to implement reasonable immigration laws to stem the tide of illegal immigrants from crossing our border.  On April 29th, KSP is ho
Thelma_Taormina · 636 days ago

So now Arizona has the right (maybe) to check for documentation if a person is stopped for something like a traffic violation.  Any other person who is illegal is not considered to have broken a law?  If they are living in this country and working in this
TinyAvenger · 943 days ago

Very important info Smart Meter Ban, Please take the time to read. I am not sure if everyone in Texas is aware that there is a lawyer putting together a complaint to be filed with the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and is looking for participation in
nick · 1081 days ago

I know that each of you reading this are Concerned Americans and are a part of the grassroots movement to Restore Our Nation, and because I know this I want to be sure that all those concerned with our loss of liberty and individual freedom are informed ab
Thelma_Taormina · 1093 days ago
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