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Where IS everybody? Are they content to hear opinions from the mainstream "news," or Glen Beck's boys' latest formation? To whom are they listening?? Will they stand, and for what? While those in power wait on old whitey to die off, who will awaken the you
21agendorspec · 1644 days ago

King Street Patriots and the Immigration Issue. ? In the Greater Houston Area, we have several reputable activists fighting to implement reasonable immigration laws to stem the tide of illegal immigrants from crossing our border. ?On April 29th, KSP is ho
Thelma_Taormina · 1972 days ago

So now Arizona has the right (maybe) to check for documentation if a person is stopped for something like a traffic violation.? Any other person who is illegal is not considered to have broken a law?? If they are living in this country and working in this
TinyAvenger · 2279 days ago

Very important info Smart Meter Ban, Please take the time to read. I am not sure if everyone in Texas is aware that there is a lawyer putting together a complaint to be filed with the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and is looking for participation in
nick · 2417 days ago

I know that each of you reading this are Concerned Americans and are a part of the grassroots movement to Restore Our Nation, and because I know this I want to be sure that all those concerned with our loss of liberty and individual freedom are informed ab
Thelma_Taormina · 2429 days ago

Herein lies the first post of my new blog. Not sure what I will be ranting about, but I'm sure I will come up with something. Things are pretty crazy right now with a 2-year old perpetual-energy conduit (read: my daughter is 2 and she is always on the go
TexasYankee · 2440 days ago

OBAMA:?? PRESIDENTIAL DISASTER I am so tired of hearing what a brilliant man he is so let's examine that.? If he is brilliant, then he knows exactly what he is doing.? He understands completely the ramifications for Israel to return to pre 1967 borders.? S
TinyAvenger · 2682 days ago

Educare or Obamacare Whether you are against Obamacare or against abuses in the healthcare industry, a radical overhaul in healthcare is premature and counterproductive as necessary individual changes needed to lower cost have not been explored or implemen
edusa · 2933 days ago

Webster describes culture as the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought typical of a population or community at a given time ? A free society offers everyone the opp
edusa · 2934 days ago

? When trying to think of a name for this blog my mind kept wandering back to one thing, education.? Well, e d are my initials and ed or edu is short for education and since this is all about America I'll stick with edusa.? This is my first blog.? I have a
edusa · 2936 days ago
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