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I am always amazed at the fact that there are so many people in America who have absolutely no idea how electricity is produced or where it comes from other than the receptacle on your wall. I guess personally am very fortunate to have a little bit of know
nick · 1417 days ago

Protecting the Second Amendment ? Why all Americans Should Be Concerned We are current or former Army Reserve, National Guard, and active duty US Army Special Forces soldiers (Green Berets). We have all taken an oath to ?...support and defend the Constitut
Watcher77 · 1938 days ago

The Facts on Agenda 21 By Avalon theintelhub.comDecember 17, 2012 As most of theintelhub.com readers know, Glenn Beck released his Agenda 21 book to critical acclaim by Barnes & Noble readers ? even though the book was a work of fiction and
Watcher77 · 1984 days ago

The Hobby Lobby CEO Letter Everybody?s Talking About by SCOTT MCKAYDecember 1, 2012 David Green is the founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., which is challenging the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. This letter is an excellent illustration of ho
Watcher77 · 1997 days ago

Obama Giving $6 Billion to Muslim Nations for Green Energy Posted on November 22, 2012 by creeping Happy Thanksgiving! Obama has been Funding $1 Billion in Infrastructure Projects?in Hamas-run Gaza ? ignored by the media and tax frauds like Grover Norquis
Watcher77 · 2008 days ago

Agenda 21 Total Surveillance Smart Cities are HOT Investments Translation Smart utility grids are only one portion of a larger, more complex Smart City grid. Source: Postscapes Barbara H. Peterson Farm Wars A nation?s pulse can be felt through the r
Watcher77 · 2043 days ago

UN?s ?Virtuous Green Path? Leads Straight To Mass-Death Posted on October 16, 2012 | Leave a comment Jurriaan MaessenExplosiveReports.ComOctober 17, 2012 All arms of the scientific dictatorship appear to move in unison. As of late we hear repeated calls
Watcher77 · 2045 days ago
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