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The impostor president went on TV earlier today to repeat over and over that he respects your right to hunt and own a gun to hunt and he respects that right, blah, blah, blah. EVERY gutless coward who serves in the U.S. Congress from Michelle Bachmann to
Watcher77 · 1955 days ago

Ohio imam gets just 1 year in $3.8M food stamp fraud Posted on December 16, 2012 by creeping #MyJihad A few days ago we gave you five other examples of Muslim food stamp and medical fraud. via Man in $3.8M food stamp fraud case sentenced | www.daytondaily
Watcher77 · 1986 days ago

Evidence of Electronic Vote Fraud Pours In from Both Liberal and Conservative Sources November 6, 2012 Print Version Source: Washington's Blog Rampant Evidence of Electronic Vote Tampering Ron Paul supporters, progressives and the mainstream med
Watcher77 · 2026 days ago
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