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I?m excited about the awareness that is happening today in the media.? It doesn?t matter whether left or right all Americans will learn about the disregard for our well-being when it comes to the muslim movement in our country.? ? Without just provocation
edusa · 2860 days ago

No talking tonight.? Talked long enough.? Time to work work work?to take back my country.? My daughter and my husband will eat.? Now until November 3rd?"got work" to do.? This is our sacrifice or make-up.? I pray God blesses the efforts and the country in
edusa · 2863 days ago

Right now, it's almost overwhelming how much work that needs to be done to reverse the ills of the progressive movement in America.? It is through my personal experience, introspection and pursuit of Holiness/happiness that I came to realize the grand sche
edusa · 2867 days ago

America seems to lack the information to understand how to resolve the issues that overwhelm blacks and others at risk in?the inner city?and rural?areas of America.? One reason that many blacks are losing the battle of surviving and thriving in America is
edusa · 2869 days ago

? Texas was on fire tonight! Rick Perry, Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott (my favorite Texan) and many conservative representatives gathered to look their constituents in the eye and pledge allegiance to the flag, the republic and conservative values by reducing d
edusa · 2870 days ago

Supreme vs. Folly ? U.S. leaders are not held to the laws of the land and especially the highest law in which they swear to preserve and protect.? ? The U.S. Constitution is said to be the ?Supreme Law of the Land? yet so many leaders totally disregard it
edusa · 2873 days ago

Atheism/Agnostic: America's Established Religions ? The Freedom from Religion Foundation and ACLU is working to see that religion no longer exists in America. ?As humans we are called to worship no matter by what name.? Those who believe that they are to
edusa · 2876 days ago

Dear Representative: Illegal Immigration is No Joke ? American work ethic has been the second greatest contributor of America?s exceptional position in the world, God being the first.? Illegal immigration conflicts with and tremendously disrupts American
edusa · 2876 days ago

Blind Leadership ? America?s founders warned of the danger of electing less than noble or unwise leaders.? We were warned of the possibilities of America?s current economic, political and social position yet here we are so very close to the edge. ? Common
edusa · 2882 days ago

Homosexual Text Education ? Since the inception of The Department of Education in the 70?s there has been a tremendous growth in cost, bureaucracy and inefficiency? Currently, America?s education system and the lack of standards are crippling our children
edusa · 2883 days ago
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