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Charles C Johnson in the DAILY CALLER reports: The?Department of?Homeland Security, which?under Secretary Janet Napolitano has shown a keen interest in monitoring and warning about outspoken conservatives, takes a very different approach in monitoring pol
TinyAvenger · 1917 days ago

Really? Our ambassador and three other United States citizens are murdered, and we?re apologizing. The United States should receive a meaningful apology from Libya and every other Islamic country that is burning our flag, all the while awaiting foreig
TinyAvenger · 2159 days ago

I am offended AND embarrassed by our government and its refusal to admit that we have a problem with terrorism supported by Islamists.? After viewing the movie, LOSING OUR SONS, I absolutely lost it.? This movie hurts to see what is happening an
TinyAvenger · 2233 days ago

TinyAvenger · 2244 days ago

My tolerance for Islam does not exist.? Let's see a little tolerance from Islam.? How about allowing Bibles in Saudi Arabia?? How about not burning churches in the Middle East? How about letting women drive in Saudi?? So Muslims come to this country and en
TinyAvenger · 2245 days ago

So now Arizona has the right (maybe) to check for documentation if a person is stopped for something like a traffic violation.? Any other person who is illegal is not considered to have broken a law?? If they are living in this country and working in this
TinyAvenger · 2247 days ago

I never gave the existence of evil much thought.? Evil seemed?to be something you saw in a horror flick but I didn't know anyone who was evil.? There might be people who said unkind things, acted selfishly or were a challenge to know.? Never did I think th
TinyAvenger · 2623 days ago

OBAMA:?? PRESIDENTIAL DISASTER I am so tired of hearing what a brilliant man he is so let's examine that.? If he is brilliant, then he knows exactly what he is doing.? He understands completely the ramifications for Israel to return to pre 1967 borders.? S
TinyAvenger · 2650 days ago

FREE SPEECH...USE IT OR LOSE IT!!!!! (this is me screaming) Did you know that right now, our Senators in Washington are considering some curtailment of free speech because of the Koran that was recently burned.? That is so we don't get the Islamists all ri
TinyAvenger · 2695 days ago

Having attended an event in Fort Worth where the speakers were Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, I came away with a new dedication to what we are all trying to accomplish.? Pamela and Robert have co-authored a book called THE POST AMERICAN PRESIDENCY.? The
TinyAvenger · 2835 days ago
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