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My mind is racing, as usual.? My thoughts today are on many things.? Reading the news today it is clear that the USA is in trouble.? It is also clear that man alone will not restore this nation.? The man who occupies OUR White House is pure evil and he is
Thelma_Taormina · 1506 days ago

Why do we always make things so complicated when it is really so simple?? While the Fed Government has screwed up our system over the last 100 years, the basics still remain.? It is so simple that no one uses the correct argument!? Here it is:1 The House o
Thelma_Taormina · 1788 days ago

The good news is that for those of us who have been able to keep the smart meters off our homes and properties, the PUC of TX has issued a new ruling/regulation that requires the transmission and distribution companies to allow consumers to choose the type
Thelma_Taormina · 1828 days ago

Honorable Senators, As you are all aware, we are deeply committed to convincing you that Senator Carona?s substitute bill for SB 241 is needed in the state of Texas.? We are trying to give you all the information you need in order to make a decision base
Thelma_Taormina · 1925 days ago

Honorable Senators, I am the founder of the 9-12 Association, which is a non-profit organization in the state of Texas with members statewide and nationwide.? I am writing on behalf of our members and myself, regarding CSSB 241. I am extremely concerne
Thelma_Taormina · 1928 days ago

King Street Patriots and the Immigration Issue. ? In the Greater Houston Area, we have several reputable activists fighting to implement reasonable immigration laws to stem the tide of illegal immigrants from crossing our border. ?On April 29th, KSP is ho
Thelma_Taormina · 1940 days ago

I know that each of you reading this are Concerned Americans and are a part of the grassroots movement to Restore Our Nation, and because I know this I want to be sure that all those concerned with our loss of liberty and individual freedom are informed ab
Thelma_Taormina · 2397 days ago

Thanks to a member, we received an email regarding MLK Day and the Administration's Volunteer Service push.? What we found in following all the links was quite disturbing!? Quite by accident, what we found was that the "points of Light Institute" y
Thelma_Taormina · 2772 days ago

The Congress still does NOT get it.? The Republicans had a real chance to stand up for the American People, but once again, instead of doing what was right, they all looked at how they could play to all sides of the spectrum! This so called "Deal" will hu
Thelma_Taormina · 2812 days ago
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