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Ok, so not technically a 'blog post', but submitted here without comment.? Minor revisions as it pertains to "Great Britain" - just replace that with "government" and you pretty much end up in the same spot.: (ed. emphasis mine) ? Patrick Henry St. Joh
TexasYankee · 2219 days ago

<Taps microphone>*Ahem*Is this thing on? (insert obligatory 'feedback noise). Ok, just making sure...?With apologies to?His Royal Obamaness, "Let me be clear" - and to do that I will use the non-standard and improper method of factualizing, also kno
TexasYankee · 2219 days ago has a story today about GM posting better-than-expected gains in sales last month. Minor details, as usual, are left out of the announcement. ? ? Boy,
TexasYankee · 2230 days ago

This past Sunday, I had the priviledge to listen to Lt. General Jerry Boykin (Ret) give the sermon at my church.? Let me just start by saying, he is hopeful for the future of this country, but with some trepidation. ? He travels around the country giving
TexasYankee · 2240 days ago

I'm Done. ? There, I said it.? They won.? There's no hope!? All is lost!? We're all socialists now. ? They control what I eat.? They control what my children learn in school.? They control the information flowing into my televison at night and how it i
TexasYankee · 2243 days ago

A few less people last night than Tuesday, but still quite a full class. I believe several of us will be looking to take our exam within the next few weeks.? We are still researching obtaining our own 'club' status... this could get expensive, but what a
TexasYankee · 2244 days ago

Went to the first of two amateur radio (Ham radio) classes last night at the Webster Police Department, hosted by Nick Lance last night. Holy Cow!? My brain will explode after tonight's class.? However, we had a great turnout!? The room was packed.? We ar
TexasYankee · 2245 days ago

Mark Levin sounds off on the Obama Adminstration's response to the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold part of SB1070 in Arizona: ? ? Backdoor Amnesty is here, gang
TexasYankee · 2246 days ago

The Blaze posted an article about the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to ban prayer in school. Read it here: Is it any
TexasYankee · 2247 days ago

Herein lies the first post of my new blog. Not sure what I will be ranting about, but I'm sure I will come up with something. Things are pretty crazy right now with a 2-year old perpetual-energy conduit (read: my daughter is 2 and she is always on the go
TexasYankee · 2408 days ago
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