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                                           TAKE BACK YOUR POWER                                             (FREE) Until DEC 1st, 2015 I know many of you have seen this movie and also know there were many who wanted to see it well the producer of this fil
nick · 1030 days ago

February 27, 2015 Yes it's me! I have been a little busy taking care of Thelma, my wife and best friend of 35 years, trying to make her final days as comfortable as I possible can.? It has been a tough 7 months since Thelma was diagnosed with terminal ca
nick · 1302 days ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yeah, it's me, I'm back! Let me start out by Thanking everyone for their prayers on behalf of Thelma., she is still hanging in there and doing fairly well and ironically enough still doing pretty much the same as always God willing
nick · 1435 days ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, I pray that you will all take the time to read this I promise it will be very short. The past 2 weeks have been two of the hardest for Thelma and I.? Thelma has been diagnosed with an inoperable form of cancer.? We have spent the be
nick · 1504 days ago

Okay, yes its me, I am back. Well the power companies were adamant that they would not give the people of Texas a Smart Meter OPT-OUT. Well we pushed back and forced them to give Texans a choice!? We did get our opt-out, although they are not what we want
nick · 1507 days ago

Hi Folks, This will be very short.? I just wanted you all to know that we are definitely making a difference, at least with CenterPoint. Last week after CenterPoint letters were sent out one of our board members who got stuck with a smart meter received h
nick · 1537 days ago

I am always amazed at the fact that there are so many people in America who have absolutely no idea how electricity is produced or where it comes from other than the receptacle on your wall. I guess personally am very fortunate to have a little bit of know
nick · 1538 days ago

My mind is racing, as usual.? My thoughts today are on many things.? Reading the news today it is clear that the USA is in trouble.? It is also clear that man alone will not restore this nation.? The man who occupies OUR White House is pure evil and he is
Thelma_Taormina · 1538 days ago

Ok, Ok I know you received enough CR@P from me a couple of days ago well this will be short.? I forgot to bring one very important thing to every ones attention it is the fact that the Power Companies according to the PUCT do not have to notify all of the
nick · 1544 days ago

Okay I am back I am sure you all were hoping there would not be any more Cr@p from me well I hate to disappoint, but? There has been an awful lot that has happened since I last posted any of my Cr@p. I know Thelma has sent out emails letting everyone know
nick · 1544 days ago
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