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DONATE to the 9-12 Association Smart Meter Resistance Fund
to help pay the Legal Fees associated with the Intervenor Motions filed relating to the Public Utility Commission's of Texas Docket Numbers 41879, 41890, 41901, and 41906.


This is an urgent notice to let you know that the Power Companies in Texas, actually, the companies are known as "Transmission and Distribution Utility Companies", have each filed their compliance tariffs relating to the new rule established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.  This new rule is for what is loosely called an "Opt-Out".

The Association has been granted "Intervenor" status. Our attorney has filed motions on all docket numbers.  Each docket has been referred to the "State Office of Administrative Hearings" or "SOAH".  The issues that will be allowed to be covered in each docket are now being proposed and the chairs of the PUCT will be deciding what will or will not be allowed in the SOAH hearings.  We are doing what we can to include our issues in each docket. 

In order to have more clout, we need numbers, so we are asking everyone to become a paid member of the 9-12 Association...the fee is $25.00 per year. Once you become a paid member (or if you already are) the Association will be speaking on your behalf against these tariffs, but you must be a paid member for us to do so. 

What these companies are doing to Texans is the same as what Obama has done with Obamacare.  They are charging you a fee for NOT BUYING A PRODUCT!

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Your Computer or Phone, Wherever You Live, United States

9/12 Oath of Commitment, circa 2012

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;
and that I will well and faithfully fulfill the duties of which I am about to enter to restore this nation to the Republic as it was founded:

So help me God.

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Thelma_Taormina·docx·13.89 Kb·18 days ago

I would like to thank all who responded to my last email about me using the word Cr@p, although there are several meanings of the word and you can all use yours depending what you think of my particular email here is mine and I am going to continue to use
nick · 6 days ago

Mr. Nick, I agree!!  There are already buckets of "conservative" groups trying to just get paid, in competition with each other for members, donations, 'buy my bumpy sticker.'       Conservatives do not get government welfare the way leftist & liberal
21agendorspec · 6 days ago

It's me, Nick, and I am back with more of my Cr@p. I hope I have never offended anyone by using the word Cr@p!  There are several definitions for this word so when you are reading "My Cr@p" I hope you will consider which of these definitions apply to any p
nick · 13 days ago

Where IS everybody? Are they content to hear opinions from the mainstream "news," or Glen Beck's boys' latest formation? To whom are they listening?  Will they stand, and for what? While those in power wait on old whitey to die off, who will awaken the you
21agendorspec · 27 days ago

OKAY, I AM BACK! As you know, it has been about two weeks since you last heard any of my cr@p!   First, let me bring you up to speed with the opt-out tariffs. Our attorney, Roger Borgelt, has been working tirelessly to try and wrap this up with ALL FO
nick · 35 days ago
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